About Us



Shanghai Eagle Engine Co., Ltd.(EEC) main business is to supply brand new and used MTU series engine and spare parts,We are committed to offer our customers a comprehensive solution based on their needs, as well as maintenance business.It was established in 2003 and have the self-support rights to import and export.

We are Mainly engaged in the sales of MTU-DDC (Mercedes-Benz) engine, maintain and repair electronic control system for engine, provide spare parts and after-sales service. (We can supply complete engine and engine parts like MTU183 series / MTU396 series / MTU1600 series / MTU2000 series / MTU4000 series / MTU8000 series / MTU1163 series / MTU956 series / Mercedes-Benz OM series), generator sets rental is also our business (200KW-1700KW).

With professional staff team, rich professional in international business,  perfect quality warranty system, reliable technical support from Germany and the United States, we believe that we can meet you requirements, and be able to provide high quality solutions for our customers.

We insist "Create value for partners" as our core values, and take "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service" as the enterprise spirit, create value for engine industry by innovation and sincere cooperation.

We hold that all the units or individuals who collaborate with us will be our partners, including Customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees. Create more value for partners, then we can achieve development and success .

We believe that integrity is the foundation of cooperation, tolerance is a prerequisite for problem-solving, innovation is the tool for career development, the service is fundamental to create value.